From Coach Jim.....

My own racing career spanned 1964-1979, peaking with the 1970 USA pre-worlds slalom and wildwater team. I also worked the adventure outdoors business when it was in it's infancy, and helped to get the USA canoe and kayak industry off the ground. Meanwhile I helped pioneer a bunch of river runs, including the Gauley, and kicked off river preservation efforts in the Appalachians. I organized more slalom and  wildwater races, trials, and camps than I can recall, some notable ones include the 1989 Savage Worlds and the 1996 Ocoee Olympics...and I'm and ICF judge.

I coached the development program in Washington, DC from 1968 through 1998. I built Cathy Hearn's first boat, and at some point along the way taught or supported most of the top athletes that came out of the Bethesda Center of Excellence program.

In the last years the "Z-Team" program grew to the point that I had 20 serious junior athletes working every weekend at the Dickerson Whitewater Course from October through April. Regular participants those years included Louis Geltman, Scotty Parsons, Josh Russell, Amy Brown, Ryan Bahn, Nick Kimmet, Jason Beakes, Kurt Braunlich, Sam Drevo, Danny Stock, Willy Pell, - and a dozen+ more - along with about as many adult "Z-Teamers." We also had regular

visitations from Ray McLean's and David Mitchell's junior trainees:

Megan Stahlheim, Rebecca Giddens, Sarah Leith, Brett Heyl, and many more.

As for the Central Texas program, all of the pieces are in place to develop a dominating Slalom Center of Excellence within just a few years.

You provide the passion...

... I'll provide the organization and technical know-how!


Come Learn Slalom and work on your skills

with Coach Jim Stuart

Whether you are new to slalom and want to build your confidence on the river, or you want to continue in your training and perfect your technique these sessions are for you.  Jim Stuart has been coaching slalom for decades and is interested in helping you to learn about the sport, and set goals and and schedule that will be fun for you!!  So come join us every Saturday at 10:30am at Rio Vista Falls for fun, friends, and white water slalom!!

Course Materials and Downloads!
                                                                                  For any information on last year’s courses or progressions from last year, contact me at!  I have them all on file!
                                                                       2009 RRR Speed Percentage Charts.xls                            Courses for 10/24/2009
Results for 10/24/09
Courses for 11/07/09
Results for 11/07/09
Long Course for 11/14/09
Short Courses for 11/14/09mailto:michelle@redriverracing.orgJim_Stuart_Slalom_files/2009%20RRR%20Speed%20Percentage%20Charts.xlsJim_Stuart_Slalom_files/RioVistaSLMap%20091024.jpgJim_Stuart_Slalom_files/091026%20RV%20Workout%20Timesheets.xlsJim_Stuart_Slalom_files/091107%20RioVistaSLMap.jpgJim_Stuart_Slalom_files/091107%20RV%20Training%20Results.xlsJim_Stuart_Slalom_files/RioVistaSLMap%20091114%20Long.jpgshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2shapeimage_5_link_3shapeimage_5_link_4shapeimage_5_link_5shapeimage_5_link_6

Fall 2009/ Winter 2010                    Training at Rio Vista Falls!!