When you help out The Red River Racing Team, these are the individuals who will receive your kindness.  Just click on the names or links below to see their full profiles!

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Ben Kvanli

1996 Whitewater Kayak Olympian, and 2X US Whitewater Slalom C-2 Team Member. 

I have been incredibly blessed in my life. Despite often going my own way God has put people in my life who have helped to make my dreams come true! My independence has lead me to discover many things that I wish that I had in learning to paddle, and even still would enjoy as I continue to work on my skills. My goal is to give you all that I have found and more. . . to give you what you need to improve your paddling experience.

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Michelle Kvanli

Michelle has been competing in kayak races for over 13 years. She is a three time Junior Olympian, placing 4th in 1998. Michelle is a 3 time member of the U.S. Kayak Marathon Team, and has won second at the Kayak Polo National Championships. She is a USACanoe/Kayak Level 1 coach and and American Canoe Association Whitewater certified instructor. Michelle has honed her instruction skills by developing the kayak curriculum for Texas State University .....

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Chelsea Borneman

Chelsea learned to paddle at a Power Olympic Outdoor Center clinic that was done in Wimberley by Red River friend, Melinda Everett, and her Century 21 clients.  Chelsea took to the boats immediately, and has not stopped since!!Chelsea is a lively and determined competitor.  Always out to give 110% while keeping things fun!! 

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Erin Cambridge

A returning member of the Cadet National Team, Erin came back to Golden to show it who’s boss.  Though not getting much time to practice on the water, this girl had some of her best runs to date, and tackled her nerves on the ever increasing water levels.  She showed her focus and her desire to compete on the National level. 

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Rebecca Moore

Rebecca began open canoeing with Girl Scouts in the Houston area, and has since started her racing career.  She is now bringing the heat with a new racing “Lizard,” and continues to improve.  She has come a long way in just a few months, so far in fact that she placed Second in the Women's Canoe Class at the 2008 Junior Olympics! For Rebecca, it is all about having fun, and getting better.  Make no mistake about it, she is on the move!

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Andre Sanborn

Andre, age 13, is one of the youngest racers currently competing on the Red River Racing team. Andre doesn't let anything stand in his way. He is a super ball of energy and armed with a one of 2008 Olympian Pablo McCandless’ boats he is bound to go crazy!! He put on an amazing race at this year’s Junior Olympics, placing 23 out of all 35 Junior kayaks at just 13! Andre placed first in his class at the Springs Fest Qualifier and challenged the men's class to a close race.

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Henry Hyde

Henry started kayaking at 3-1/2 years old in the Durango Rec Center pool. He’s 8 years old right now. His favorite rivers are the Animas, Piedra, Clear Creek, Arkansas, Lime Creek, Grizzly Creek, South Platte and the Colorado. He started racing at 6 years old with the Colorado High School Cup, Lyons Outdoors Games and the 2007 North American JO’s. In 2008, he competed at the US Slalom Junior Team Trials, Buena Vista Paddlefest, Teva Mountain Games....

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