So Many People have helped us here over the years!! You are the best!! We appreciate each and every individual who has donated their time, energy, and care to the Red River Racing Team and the Power Olympic Outdoor Center. Truly, we could not do our programs without the help that we have received. We value your friendship, your time, and all of your help!! We look forward to spending many days educating the community on the river environment, and showing others what they can accomplish through paddling!

David and Debbie Power

City of San Marcos

The TG Canoe Livery

Jackson Kayaks

Larry and Sharri Lewis

Larry Bracken

Russel Nebgen

Mike Hickey

Linda Nolet

John Van Ness

Spokiz Shades

Braca-Sport Paddles


John and Gayle Easley

Steve and Shelly Smith

Jim Felix

John and Anne Olden

Dr. and Mrs. Peter Bross

Brooke Army Medical Center-Physical Therapy

The Dale Family-Jon, Amy, Anna, Elijah, Shea, and Aspen

Dan and Fay Barry

Miguel Garcia-HiOSilver, Clear Sky Resort

Team River Runner

Mary Beth Kvanli

Patricia Clements